Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank Goodness for the Honesty of Five-Year-Olds

If not for this, I might never have noticed the dark hairs that have sprouted on my upper lip sometime in the last year or so. I must admit to feeling a little offended and embarrassed when she pointed this out to me (with no judgment whatsoever... a simple observation on her part). At any rate, it was on my mind, although it took me a good week or so to look close enough in a mirror in daylight to notice them myself. This itself is a sad statement on my lack of self-care as a mama of two.

I had a moment while the baby played in the bathroom garbage can. The sun was shining so I busted out the handheld magnifying mirror and stood in front of the window. Apparently, I hadn't plucked my eyebrows in the last year either. I plucked and plucked and plucked and plucked and plucked. I am not really a good candidate for waxing as I have nicely shaped eyebrows, I just get strays all over the upper half of my face. I am thankful for what I have, though, as two of my brothers have SERIOUS uni-brows.

I am turning over a new leaf, though. While I love being a mama and staying at home, this winter stuff might get to me. I have been whining about not getting to work out and take care of myself. So, today, not only did I pluck my eyebrows and take care of my upper lip, I did an hour of yoga while the baby napped. The yoga is an old video I used to do often. I found it used on DVD and just had to buy it. It felt strange to do the same routine after all these years with the same relaxing voiceover:"Simple. Keep it simple." It felt like coming home. My body knew the moves before he said them and I barely had to look up at the screen. I hadn't realized that I did this routine so often but the old Muscle Memory kicked in and it felt wonderful.

The third item on m self-care list is writing on this old blog here. Writing really is therapy for me. Facebooking is NOT. Facebooking kind of feels like that old boyfriend you keep going back to. Not necessarily so bad for you since you are only having sex and not officially getting back together but deep down you know its not good for you. It just feels good right then in the moment. On the contrary, blogging feels strangely productive and positive. Probably because I have just the one reader (you know who you are!) and get only positive reinforcement. It feels a lot like journaling and we all know how good that is for my sanity.


erica said...

You can make that two readers, I just often lurk and don't announce my presence! By the way, waxing is quick and worth every second of pain...and good for you for doing something just for yourself!

shannaschlitz said...

I guess I move the count up to three... I have you on my feed... xoxoxo

SarahD said...

yay! I hope i didn't gross anyone out.

Ms. Burrell said...

yes, the honesty of 5 year-olds is... brutal at times. "mommy, your bosoms are floppy!" said with much love of course. p.s. just signed me and simon up for baby and mommy swim classes at the y on saturday mornings if you're interested.